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If you're looking for general information on Python, check out the main Python website at http://www.python.org. You could also pick up a copy of Python for Dummies (I'm one of the authors). If you have technical questions (as opposed to comments or questions about my web pages), please post them to comp.lang.python so that everyone can share in the answers.

I now have up the slides from my OSCON 2002 presentation, Python for [Perl] Programmers. It's a fast-paced introduction to Python that focuses on the powerful features available in Python 2.2.

See also my BayPIGgies presentations.

I set up this page mainly as a place to put my writings on how to use threads in Python. I have ambitions to write a full-blown tutorial, but so far I've only managed to put up slides from my in-person tutorials. The most recent one was at the 2001 O'Reilly Open Source Convention (OSCON 2001) in July 2001. Here's the whole slideshow, including the PDF for the main slideshow itself, plus all the demo scripts.

You can also find an article about the GIL (Global Interpreter Lock) in the first issue of PyZine.

An earlier version of the tutorial was presented at the Ninth International Python Conference (IPC9) in March 2001. Here's the whole slideshow for IPC9, including the PDF for the main slideshow itself, plus all the demo scripts.

As the first stage in an experiment in computational threading, I've created Decimal.py, a module that implements the decimal arithmetic (BCD) algorithms of Mike Cowlishaw (http://speleotrove.com/decimal/). My Decimal.py currently implements addition/subtraction and multiplication, plus a few conversion routines. This work was built on by several other people to match the full decimal standard and included in the Python core as of Python 2.4.

I'm archiving Tim Peters's FixedPoint.py module, but this has been mostly superseded by the decimal module.

I've also put up the slides from my OSCON 2000 thread tutorial (July 2000). This was an early effort and is left mostly as a historical curiosity (and in case anyone can't get access to Acrobat).

If you're curious about me, check out my personal home page at http://rule6.info/

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